Mesquite Pellets 40lbs

Mesquite Pellets 40lbs

Unlike the competitors, we use a bee’s wax emulsifier to hold the pellet together instead of wax. 100% natural no chemicals or supplements. Anything that is smoked with our pellets will give your food a great taste.  Our pellets come in 4 - 10lb resealable containers. The containers help keep the moisture out to keep your pellets fresh.


Mesquite pellets have a strong flavor.  They are best used with beef, poultry, and seafood.


Baum grilling pellets are produced in rural southern Iowa using off-grid energy. This small manufacturing facility was designed specifically to produce the finest small batch grilling pellets available. Our customized equipment pre-blends the wood fibers before pelletizing to insure a consistent full-flavored pellet.


Baum leedstock is chemically-free kiln-dried 100% natural hardwood. No chemical binders are used to produce a cleaner burning, eco-friendly pellet that is an alternative to other grilling fuels.


We are committed to having a responsible, healthy, eco-friendly pellet of exceptional quality. Baum takes measures to provide an original flavor to enhance your grilling experience.